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How antiques can make even the most modern interior sparkle

Antiques are far from boring: they can convey a beautiful story by just looking at them. Antiques were not just made to last by craftspeople; they were also created to tell their design story through the ages. No line, shape or patina is by accident.

So next time you think of antiques as museum pieces, imagine what it would be like to have such an amazing storyteller sitting in your own home. Antiques are special, because 100% of the effort that went into making them was designed to make them beautiful and long-lasting. Antiques were never created for their ability to conveniently fit into a flatpack that can easily slide in the back of a car. Antiques were designed for making a unique impression of lasting beauty, time and again – and it shows.

We love our antiques and consider them almost like our children. When you buy from us, we always share the founding story, cultural background and context with you, so you will take home a legacy instead of a piece of furniture.

Faye Angevine, founder and owner of Bai Win Collectibles