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Blending modern design with the classics

See how old and new go together

Adding a classic piece to an otherwise modern interior is easier than you think. The key is to not overdo it: if you have a modern interior, blend in your antiques carefully to avoid an unbalanced battle of Old and New in your living room. Here are some helpful tips:

  • Group items together as a focal point. Unity builds strength.
  • Consider using antiques for storing hypermodern appliances: a secretary for your TV, a classic side table for your game consoles, a Chinese cabinet for your CDs. ┬áThe contrast is strikingly beautiful and very remarkable.
  • Don’t hide your antiques. There’s a natural instinct to keep valuable antique items out of reach. Common areas include the top of a shelf or behind a display case. Keep them accessible so that they can be both functional and beautiful at the same time. Dare to use them!
  • If you have antiques, don’t be afraid to proudly display them prominently, even if you have a very modern home. Blending past with present is a creative way to introduce visual appeal and contrast.
  • Quality is always obvious, in both modern furniture and antiques. If you go for a finished, refined and polished overall look, select your antiques accordingly. If you go for a more contemporary, laid-back “lived-in” look, you can select a slightly more endured look with a rougher patina. Your antiques should look interesting, not “old”, in contrast to the rest of the room.
  • Use lighting wisely. A carefully placed spot or downlight can really enhance the present of a valuable piece of antique in a room.