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The Ming Dynasty

Art pieces from an era that changed the world

The Ming Dynasty ruled China from A.D. 1368 to 1644, during which China’s population would double. It was a time of a great cultural boom, and the dynasty is perhaps mostly remembered for its world-renowned porcelain: the ubiquitous Ming vase.

But the waves that rippled from that prosperous period into the future can still be seen today. The dynasty not only created a wealth of amazing artefacts (many of them in museums behind a glass wall), but also many smaller artefacts, which can be purchased at quite reasonable prices by private individuals.

In addition, the Ming dynasty inspired many artists in the centuries to come. There are later pieces that clearly show their inspiration by the greatest of all kingdoms of the East.

Do not be intimidated by the name. Plenty of items from that glorious past are on the market, in great condition and surprisingly affordable. Stop by and we can show you if "Ming is your thing".

Faye Angevine, founder and owner of Bai Win Collectibles