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Sitting in style

How to add a sense of flair to your home

Have you noticed? When you tell people that the stool they are sitting on is an antique, their posture changes immediately, as if they are trying to lift their weight and hover above it. Somehow, the term “antique” intimidates people.

Just relax. Antique stools were built to last forever, unlike their modern counterparts, which are designed for low prices and a short lifespan. Solid, strong wood from trees whose growth was unhurried and natural. Which is also why they look so beautiful.

In addition, the Ming dynasty inspired many artists in the centuries to come. There are later pieces that clearly show their inspiration by the greatest of all kingdoms of the East.

We believe that antiques are for living. Of course they should be respected and treasured, but they should also be given a chance to fulfill their destiny. So: sit down on that ancient chair at the old desk and plug in your laptop for work. Rest your feet on that ottoman and sip your tea from a cup that was created before your grandparents were alive and enjoy the stories they present to you.

Faye Angevine, founder and owner of Bai Win Collectibles