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Storing your things in style


Think twice before you head for the big blue and yellow box store

Usually, the first thing that comes to mind when we try to fight clutter in the home is getting more storage. A quick trip to a Swedish big box store, three frustrating hours of assembly, guided by incomprehensible pictures later and voila: we have our plastic/wood storage box solution, exactly the same as the millions who went before us. The only problem: now we have to look at the soulless thing sitting in our living room forever.

Why not take the plunge and look for an antique solution? You will be surprised that the price is not that different. And even though the ancient carpenters could not foresee the need to store compact disks or phone chargers, these older cabinets are roomy, flexible and a delight to look at. The best news: no assembly required. It was all done a long time ago, and with more care and skill than most modern pieces.

Want to cut the clutter and look smarter? Look back in time and get yourself some beauty and functionality all at once.

Faye Angevine, founder and owner of Bai Win Collectibles