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Technique and Art Combined

Dazzling craftsmanship from previous centuries

Before electric drills, miter saws and epoxy resin, craftsmen were putting together furniture with just simple joinery and skillful construction that lasted for centuries. But of course, in spite of this initial perfection, every piece of furniture needs a tune-up every century of so.

Enter our eminent carpenter extraordinaire: Mr. Lai. He has been working with Baiwin for over twenty years, repairing and restoring our precious pieces with an in-depth knowledge of woodworking history, materials and techniques.

His best work is, as he always says, invisible. Carefully restoring objects is one thing; doing it in the most inobtrusive and least visible manner is another. He is the master healer who can fix, repair, restore and preserve almost anything, and do it all behind the scenes.

He is my unassuming, silent hero, so I just wanted to put him in the spotlight just for once. Thank you, Mr. Lai!.

Faye Angevine, founder and owner of Bai Win Collectibles