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    Tibetan Handmade Carpet

    Tibetan handmade carpet, dark blue ground with multi colored floral and geometric patterns.

    Origin: Tibet, Contemporary

    Size: 180 × 90 cm

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    Temple Hanging

    Temple hanging, fou dogs in couching stitch.

    Origin: Taiwan, Late 1800's

    Size: 91 × 97 cm

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    Indian Bread bag

    Indian bread bag with decorative shells.

    Origin: India, Late 1800's

    Size: 81 × 55 cm

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    Bed curtian hanging

    Bed curtain hanging, overlay stitch, women, floral, fruits, other auspicious symbols.

    Origin: Taiwan / China, Late 1800's

    Size: 101 × 17 cm

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    Embroidered panels

    A set of three embroidered panels of many birds and flowers; polychrome designs in satin stitch.

    Origin: China, Late Qing Dynasty

    Size: 53 × 55 cm

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    Belt purse

    Belt coin purse with 2 pockets and embroidered floral.

    Origin: China, Late 1800's

    Size: 31 × 8.2 cm

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    Coin purse

    Double-sided coin purse-black with bird and flower design in overlay stitch.

    Origin: China, Mid 1800's

    Size: 12 × 10.7 cm

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    Woven skirt panel

    Finely woven skirt panel from a wedding skirt , with patterns of many auspicious symbols.

    Origin: China, Early 1800's

    Size: 99 × 43 cm

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    Lao Wall Hanging

    Wall hanging with woven naga design on ends, fringed ends, burgundy ground.

    Origin: Laos, Contemporary

    Size: 39 × 180 cm

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    Lao Embroidered Scarf

    Long embroidered black scarf with stiched patterns.

    Origin: Laos, Contemporary

    Size: 35 × 150 cm

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    Parts of a childs hat

    Part of childs hat , top piece and hangers, with couching stitch in gold thread, overlay embroidery of vases, bird, flowers.

    Origin: Taiwan, Late 1800's

    Size: 53 × 63 cm

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